Saturday, 12 March 2011

Review #4

kurt schneider :

ok now this guy isnt normally a singer, im giving a shout to his channel for his awesome directing.producing skills. kurt works with a wide array of performers which results in amazing videos displaying beautiful songs and singers, which i will review at a later date.
kurt does sing in some of his videos however, and he also plays many different instuments very well. theres no real way that i can describe Kurts skills, as they are so vast and different. because of this i will post links to a few videos, hopefully they will show his skills.
the last link is a multi-link kurt made showing a load of his other videos, please check him out and also some of the people he works with, but remember i will go further into them eventually ;)


  1. Yeah, I also really value artists with multiple talents, unlike people like Fergie whose list of skills stops at 'proficient hip-wiggling'.

  2. I've actually heard this guy before... Good stuff though!

  3. yeah hes had a lot of publicity already in america like Ellen show

  4. Hm I didnÄt know him, will chekc out the links and post my reaction later. I'm at work.

  5. This the" GUY"....and I 'm talking the one and only.
    This the " GUY"....the one who does kid Romeo?
    This the " GUY"....that S. O. B....RED_ RIDDER?
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    Lemme now...we 're having a " Giveaway".