Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review #3

Jason Chen : miniachilles

i love this guy, he is an awesome performer and i  have seen him hit many many notes on the spectrum, he has a load of collaborations with other youtube artists, and plenty of solo's to keep you entertained. he sings songs from the charts, ol yet popular songs, and east asian tracks, which i think gives him a great diversity. He can sing pop/rock/folk and plays the piano in some videos.
wow i just woke up and my mind is blank...
he has managed to get many of his songs onto itunes hotlists, and has a small range of merchandise bearing his slogan 'music never sleeps', which to me describes exactly how i feel about music, and one of the reasons i chose music as my topic. so check him out and tell your friends to come to me for their regular youtube insight!!