Saturday, 5 March 2011

ok first off ill give a link to one of my most recent discoveries, seen as i havent started my project yet i will just post a few links and info, mainly for my own use.

Conor Maynard : skillzaishere

I found this guy by following links from other peoples channels, and it was just by chance that i came across him. i think he appeals to me because he dosent try to be flash about his music, and you can tell that hes doing it because he loves singing. he has many collaborations with other excellent singers, but even his solo videos are amazing. his videos are another thing which attracted me, as they show him to be an average, teenage guy, who dosent try to live-up to what you would expect from his fansize.
so check him out,


  1. I usually don't like this kind of music, but this is nice.

  2. Sounds like one of the many male artists who sing songs like this. Which is good, considering the fact that he's not a professional. Yet?

  3. pretty good, thanks for the link, mate.

  4. good music!! undoubtedly