Saturday, 12 March 2011

Review #4

kurt schneider :

ok now this guy isnt normally a singer, im giving a shout to his channel for his awesome directing.producing skills. kurt works with a wide array of performers which results in amazing videos displaying beautiful songs and singers, which i will review at a later date.
kurt does sing in some of his videos however, and he also plays many different instuments very well. theres no real way that i can describe Kurts skills, as they are so vast and different. because of this i will post links to a few videos, hopefully they will show his skills.
the last link is a multi-link kurt made showing a load of his other videos, please check him out and also some of the people he works with, but remember i will go further into them eventually ;)
look out for a new post today everybody

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review #3

Jason Chen : miniachilles

i love this guy, he is an awesome performer and i  have seen him hit many many notes on the spectrum, he has a load of collaborations with other youtube artists, and plenty of solo's to keep you entertained. he sings songs from the charts, ol yet popular songs, and east asian tracks, which i think gives him a great diversity. He can sing pop/rock/folk and plays the piano in some videos.
wow i just woke up and my mind is blank...
he has managed to get many of his songs onto itunes hotlists, and has a small range of merchandise bearing his slogan 'music never sleeps', which to me describes exactly how i feel about music, and one of the reasons i chose music as my topic. so check him out and tell your friends to come to me for their regular youtube insight!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Review #2

Female Artist!

Tiffany Alvord

amazing artist, beautiful girl who brilliantly covers many kinds of songs, and also has a wide range of original creations. i have been following tiffany for a while, and she is one of the best natural singers i have found. she hardly ever uses any effects other than overlays, which are seen in certain videos where she duplicates herself to create a smooth sound.
personally i think some of her older songs are better than her more previous releases, however i also believe that all of her covers and originals are excellent and all deserve attention

Saturday, 5 March 2011

ok first off ill give a link to one of my most recent discoveries, seen as i havent started my project yet i will just post a few links and info, mainly for my own use.

Conor Maynard : skillzaishere

I found this guy by following links from other peoples channels, and it was just by chance that i came across him. i think he appeals to me because he dosent try to be flash about his music, and you can tell that hes doing it because he loves singing. he has many collaborations with other excellent singers, but even his solo videos are amazing. his videos are another thing which attracted me, as they show him to be an average, teenage guy, who dosent try to live-up to what you would expect from his fansize.
so check him out,

Friday, 4 March 2011

erm this blog might link in with a project i do for college, so screenshots will also be appearing as i develop the site.

[please read previous post]

ideas time

ok ive had an idea, i think im going to talk about the amateur artists i find on youtube, and i will evaluate them a little bit and say why they are good, which will get them more subs hopefully.

unless, does anybody else have an idea?

Thursday, 3 March 2011


okay then imma try this again.
what shall we talk about?